Objectivity.  Empathy.  Integrity.
This is how we partner with our clients.

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About Marbles

Our mission is to support organisations to achieve success, by helping them to create a positive and productive workplace culture.

We work closely with businesses who need  help with their human resources and business systems. We’re all about relationship building and great communication – because we genuinely believe those are the foundations for achieving HR success and overall business success, creating a healthy – or dare we say enviable – bottom line.  

So how do we work?  Jaime works directly with each and every client, providing impartial and independent advice on all things HR.  Whether you want to recruit new team members, or you just want to offload some of your routine HR admin tasks, then Marbles has the know-how and can offer a range of solutions to suit your business, your people and your budget.

We love working with companies across a variety of trades, helping to maximise their efficiency and productivity.  We look at the way you do things and offer alternative solutions to ensure your company’s culture and operations are the very best they can be.

Marbles has strong values.  We act with integrity, we are objective, empathetic and dynamic in the way we respond and react to your needs.

Jaime Rose-Peacock – Managing Director
Jaime Rose-Peacock, Marbles’ Managing Director has over twenty years experience working across a wide variety of industries in the private, public and not-for-profit sector. It was Jaime’s passion for human resources, employment law, information and communication that saw the evolution of Marbles in 2015. With a Bachelor of Business in HR Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Jaime is a well regarded professional in the HR industry. She is currently completing her Masters in Arts (MA) and has a specific interest in Organisational Psychology. 

Jaime is a member of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ), the Employment Law Institute of New Zealand (ELINZ), and The Association for Workplace Investigators (AAWI). She is also an executive member, and Secretary/Treasurer, for the ELINZ Board, a Trustee for SKYouth, and is the Presiding Member for the Board of Trustee’s for her daughter’s school.  Jaime is a Licensed Private Investigator as per the requirement under the Private Security Personnel & Private Investigators Act 2010.

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Our Services

Human Resources
Induction + Exit, Remuneration + Reward, Performance Management, Training + Development, Employment Agreements, Contractor Agreements + Policy.  Marbles can take care of all the ‘annoying’ nitty-gritty HR administration ensuring that your business HR practices to align with your wider business strategy and growth goals. 

Employment Relations
For many of our clients, we act by assisting and supporting with performance and disciplinary processes as well as independent workplace investigations. We know that these situations can often cause stress and upset for Employers and Employees, and we can objectively take the reign with these challenging processes.

We can also assist you through any challenges that you may have with staff grievances which may require Representation – this can be achieved through a range of options: private settlement, with the Mediation Services or Employment Relations Authority. 

As Human Resources & Employment Relations professionals, Marbles’ are often engaged by our clients to investigate a serious issue. For example, if allegations of misconduct have been made, or for bullying or harassment complaints.

Marbles’ operates with an approved Private Investigators License, mandated by NZ Government in 2021 (as a requirement under the Private Security Personnel & Private Investigators Act 2010).

Advertising, Screening, Interviewing + Selection.  Not only can we assist with the processes around recruitment, we can also tap into our own network of candidates and career seekers, and assist with promoting your positions to the right audiences.

Organisational Behaviour
Employee Engagement, Management, Leadership + Communication.  Marbles MD Jaime Rose-Peacock has a special interest in this area and is well read in the latest trends and tools available to businesses like yours.

Change Management
Helping organisations through periods of change – whether it’s a restructure, new management, downsizing or expansion – we’ve been there before and can help you keep a cool head whilst we advise on the do’s and don’ts.

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What our Clients say

“As a small, growing construction company we increasingly find we do not have the expertise needed to manage the HR side of our business in-house. Using Marbles ensures we operate correctly in relation to employment laws. The service is cost effective and product/information supplied to us in a reasonable time-frame. Jaime has supplied employment and contractor contracts, HR and H&S policy docs and lots of advice around performance management. It’s great to have someone local, reliable and approachable to look after these items. We will continue to use Marbles, great service, thanks!”
Hazel Purcell, SPC Formwork Ltd.

“After getting in touch with seven different HR specialists to help me reconstruct my contracts and paperwork, it wasn’t a hard decision to choose Marble’s as the best option. Out of all the people I communicated with, Marbles had the best communication, were clear with their offering, and communicated in a way that was professional but accessible- so I could always understand the jargon and language. From the get-go, I was reassured that Jaime had the skills and knowledge I needed. Working with Jaime was a breeze. After every email, I felt a weight off my shoulders. Jaime went the extra mile to gain information for me, and whenever there were delays or changes that needed to be made, she was very quick to let me know, and always kept me in the loop. The contracts I received were incredibly written, and I feel so much more secure in my business and employee relationships after seeking her help. I wish all the contractors I worked with were like Jaime!”
Kate Hall, Director, Coast Sitters.

“Jaime has provided an extensive, robust and thoughtful service to the Helensville District Health Trust over the last year.  It has proven to be beneficial to have someone on call who knows and understands our business and structure to then be able to respond quickly with sound HR advice.  Jaime is reliable, prompt, a clear communicator and someone that I trust implicitly to provide rigorous HR consultancy.”
Nicola Keen-Biggelaar, General Manager, Helensville District Health Trust.

“Marbles provides a well-priced, professional and seamless approach to everything HR – turning your problems into profit! We’ve been so impressed with the turnaround and professionalism and would recommend them to anyone in business, no matter how big or small your HR need is. Jaime is a versatile operator and genuinely wants to solve your problems for you, allowing you to get back to business and do what you do best.”
Michelle Gimblett, Managing Director, noodle creative marketing ltd.

“I’ve used Marbles on numerous occasions and have always found Jaime efficient, professional and extremely knowledgeable. As a business owner I value high quality advice at the end of the phone.  I’ve requested both employment advice & employment contracts and I’ve been more than impressed with both. I have no hesitation in recommending Marbles.”
Jodi Walker, Centre Owner, The Secret Garden Preschool.

“In the last couple of years, I’ve had help from Jaime Rose-Peacock in a number of different employment-related situations, not just in my own capacity as an employee with grievances, but also more recently in my role as an employer. In all interactions with Jaime, I’ve found she operates consistently from a position of fairness and integrity.
She carefully balances the rights of the employee with those of the employer, and acts as a moral compass to bring both sides to just and amicable outcomes. Jaime also takes a strongly proactive approach. When drafting job documentation for her employer clients, she puts a lot of thought into preventing personal grievances before they can even occur, something which would put any employer’s mind at rest.  As an employee advocate, Jaime also delivers, and draws a clear line between actual employer breaches versus employee pettiness. As a one-stop-shop for employers and employees alike, Jaime can be trusted to sort out your employment/HR headaches quickly, with intelligence, warmth and grace. Her company, Marbles, is an HR consultancy which is going places, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
David McNab, President, Massey University Extramural Students’ Society Inc.

“We have experienced Jaime’s high level of professionalism, knowledge, support and advice first hand in our business and wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again should the need arise. Having her at the end of the phone or on email when we needed calm practical and updated information was invaluable. I would highly recommend Jaime and her to anyone needing help or support with their HR, policy and employment  agreements etc.”
Joanne and Russell Bagley, Owners, Jojo’s Childcare

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Get in touch

We’d love to learn about your business and have a chat about how we can help you achieve your goals and increase your overall performance.

For a no-obligation chat please contact Marbles MD Jaime Rose-Peacock.

Email: jaime@marbles.org.nz

Phone: 0800 100 347

Address: Huapai , Auckland 0810