Our Services

Human Resources
Induction + Exit, Remuneration + Reward, Performance Management, Training + Development, Employment Agreements, Contractor Agreements + Policy.  Marbles can take care of all the ‘annoying’ nitty-gritty HR administration ensuring that your business HR practices to align with your wider business strategy and growth goals. 

Employment Relations
For many of our clients, we act by assisting and supporting with performance and disciplinary processes as well as independent workplace investigations. We know that these situations can often cause stress and upset for Employers and Employees, and we can objectively take the reign with these challenging processes.

We can also assist you through any challenges that you may have with staff grievances which may require Representation – this can be achieved through a range of options: private settlement, with the Mediation Services or Employment Relations Authority. 

As Human Resources & Employment Relations professionals, Marbles’ are often engaged by our clients to investigate a serious issue. For example, if allegations of misconduct have been made, or for bullying or harassment complaints.

Marbles’ operates with an approved Private Investigators License, mandated by NZ Government in 2021 (as a requirement under the Private Security Personnel & Private Investigators Act 2010).

Advertising, Screening, Interviewing + Selection.  Not only can we assist with the processes around recruitment, we can also tap into our own network of candidates and career seekers, and assist with promoting your positions to the right audiences.

Organisational Behaviour
Employee Engagement, Management, Leadership + Communication.  Marbles MD Jaime Rose-Peacock has a special interest in this area and is well read in the latest trends and tools available to businesses like yours.

Change Management
Helping organisations through periods of change – whether it’s a restructure, new management, downsizing or expansion – we’ve been there before and can help you keep a cool head whilst we advise on the do’s and don’ts.